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Battery Packs for the SPC Pro Data Logger are Here!

As promised, we now have the new upgraded SPC Pro in stock, along with the new external battery packs.? This upgrade dramatically increases the operating flexibility of the SPC Pro 3 phase data logger when used without a power supply/voltage source.? If you need to log an electrical load where there is no mains power socket readily available (or any safe way of using croc clips)?the SPC Pro has a battery life of up to three weeks?which is pretty good, but sometimes not good enough.? The external battery packs solve that problem as they offer additional power for surveys?of up to 12 long weeks.

Available in two power ratings, the battery packs utilise the latest Lithium Ion technology offering compact dimensions, light weight and fast re-charge times.? They’re also very nicely made with a shock resistant case, built-in l.e.d. ‘fuel gauge’ and are supplied complete with charger, connection leads and a protective carry bag.??Definitely worth?having in?the kit – you never know when it might come in handy…? Click here?for more…

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