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SPC Data Logger Now Even More Attractive!

In response to customer demand you can now use our SPC Pro 3 phase data logger upside down, providing you have a?(ferrous) metal surface to stick it to!? We’ve learned that a simple upgrade like magnetic feet can make a big difference to keeping the logger out of harm’s way in many circumstances.? As the SPC Pro uses a genuine ‘Peli’ case it’s always been easy to lock the instrument down using a bicycle type cable lock through the security lug, but if the unit can be ‘stuck’ to a handy metal surface this can make it a lot easier to hide away or simply keep it off the floor!?

Our handy kit comprises 4 off magnets that replace the original rubber feet – just unsrew the originals, screw on the magnets and that’s it!? The kit is compatible with all SPC Pros, both the original and current model, and they can be removed again if desired.? Be careful though – the magnets are stronger than they look!

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