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Hoare Lea

Bill and Stef provide Lunchtime Seminar at Hoare Lea Bristol…

The old firm of Bill Gysin (MD) and Stef Kawalek (Sales Engineer West) were invited to give a talk on Automatic Sub-Metering and aM&T at?Hoare Lea’s Bristol offices yesterday.? This proved extremely popular – they weren’t quite hanging from the chandeliers, but it was tight!? Fortunately the sandwich supplies held out and it was a great success.


We’ve been installing sub-metering packages for well over 20 years now, so we have picked up a bit of knowhow along the way, so if there are any?others out there that might benefit from it we’re always happy to help.? And we pay for the sandwiches.

Can’t be bad!

One thought on “Bill and Stef provide Lunchtime Seminar at Hoare Lea Bristol…

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    More CPD at Hoare Lea… We were very pleased to visit the Bournemouth office this week for another lively chat about metering systems. Being on the Dorset coast on one of the finest days of the year so far was a bonus!


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