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Wireless Temperature Logging Added to the Elcomponent Package…

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing more than just energy readings to those customers that require it.? Our portable loggers and fixed sub-metering systems can both be specified to provide more esoteric values for such as total harmonic distortion (THD) when measuring electricity, and of course our multi-utility software handles any combination of utility, variable and unit you can imagine, and the ones you can’t.? It may not be exciting, but if you’ve got a meter that measure the rate at which paint dries or grass grows, we can handle it!? And – we’ve always measured temperature directly into our MeterRing MM sub-metering systems?, usually as a way of providing accurate and totally local degree day information,??but also monitoring space and process temperatures in commercial and industrial applications.

Now, we can do it wirelessly via our well-proven and highly effective 153MHz VHF family of radio components, which gives us considerably more flexibility.? Our existing customers already know that unlike some, we don’t use radio just because it’s easy, we use it where it’s cost-effective and cabling isn’t an option, so up to now we’ve been limited in our reach for temperature logging.? Not any more.? Our new battery-powered temp. transmitters work just like our pulse transmitters, except they measure temperature instead of count pulses.? Available with either an external or integral transducer they offer exceptional accuracy and are suitable for food environments if required.

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