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Wireless Temperature Measurement Added to MeterRing MM

We’ve always offered integrated temperature measurement as part of our sub-metering packages, and this has been a key feature of many?manufacturing site?systems we’ve installed over the years – particularly in the food industry.? It’s also proved invaluable for clients who use degree day calculations as part of their energy management strategy because as well as providing half-hour temperature profiles our MeterRing MM software automatically creates degree day info from local temperature sensors. This means the data are more accurate, and equally importantly, free!

However, until recently we haven’t had a wireless solution for temp measurement…

but we’ve taken care of that!? Our MOD-R radio receiver now works with RTCOM temperature transmitters as well as the existing pulse type, so we can measure as many temperature sensors as you need, regardless of location.? All the advantages of the MOD-R VHF system are maintained – like the OFGEM licensed VHF frequency that ensures interference-free performance and a power level that licence-exempt hardware can only dream about.? How about 3km under the right conditions, or 15km with a repeater!? Just to be clear – although our kit is licensed as opposed to licence-exempt, you don’t pay any licence fees – we do.? From a customer viewpoint the only difference between these two types of radio equipment is how well they work, not how much they cost!

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