aM&T Software

Robust, flexible software to help you meet your energy management targets
Energy monitoring specialists


Quick and easy data display for engagement.
Unlimited dashboards and users


Overlay dashboard data on to graphics
for more visual dashboards


Flexible visualistaion of meter profiles. Easily added to custom reports or Excel


Compare meters over time to find performance variations

Standard Reporting

Standard templates for reports. These can be easily automated and emailed to users

Custom Reports

Create custom reports from any content. Auto create and email to users

Project Tracking

Manage and visualise project performance. Track savings and reduction


Various reporting tools including regression, heat maps, cost etc

Analysis & Graphing

Flexible tools to view and analyse energy data. Graphical and tabular reports

Alarms & Alerts

Automated alerts for anomaly tracking. Automated emails to multiple users

Data Quality

Tools to track and manage data completeness . Automated reports and alerts

Flexible Data Collection

Providing back-end bureau services to ensure your metering and systems are operating as designed