Data Collection

All of our products are used in our own solutions. We are able to support, maintain and recommend the best equipment for the client’s requirements

Energy monitoring specialists
MPC Data Logger
is a highly resilient data collection device. It supports multiple meter vendors and has internal data quality.
Meter Gateway
Meters to LAN - Resilient Meter RS485
to TCP/IP gateway.
Low cost / High reliability
Retail Monitoring
Smappee metering systems is deal for high density metering. Delivering a 20-40% lower cost than traditional solutions.
GSM Logger
with 300 fully configurable channels. Supports 32 or 64 devices and has internal memory.
Metering Experts
Elcomponent understands metering and we are here to help to with any of your metering needs.
Battery powered pulse logger with GSM. 2 Channels for water, gas or electricity. Easy to install.
4MOD Status Monitor
Converts 4 status inputs to Modbus. 4MOD S is ideal for tracking ON/OFF conditions vs energy.
MOD-R - remote radio receiver
MOD-R is robust and reliable radio
solution, with long range
and multiple inputs.
4MOD Pulse Convertor
Converts 4 pulses to Modbus. Robust and reliable. 4MOD can be synchronised with meter readings.