Data Integration

Data Integration

Even the best M&T software is only as good as its data sources, and MeterWeb 2 has some of the very best. Elcomponent has more than 20 years’ experience in submetering & AMR and we have the capability to install all types of multi-utility metering systems to integrate seamlessly with our web software. And it's not just seamless, it's fast. Our standard data upload interval is 30 minutes so MeterWeb2 is always up to date. No 'day plus one' here! MW2 also has interfaces for a wide range of third-party hardware, as well as fully configurable gateways for data transfer by ftp, web services and email. Wherever your data are coming from, we've got it covered.

MW2 offers a full suite of M&T functions including:

  • Web-based - no local software
  • Universal access - no user limits!
  • Flexible hierarchies
  • User friendly dashboards
  • Automatic League Tables
  • Ultra-Flexible Analysis to ISO50015
  • AVendor Independant data interface

MeterWeb2 (MW2)

Our cloud-based package provides a user-friendly aM&T analytics platform that’s easy to use and learn, combined with all the tools needed for effective energy management.
Standard features include:


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