The Elcomponent Process

At Elcomponent we can supply as much or as little of your metering or AQ monitoring system as you need, but if you require a fully integrated package we’re one of the few suppliers who offer turn-key systems from a single source, and this is how we deliver it… 

  • Site Survey

    Site Survey

    With all retrofit systems we start with a site survey so we can provide you with an accurately costed proposal that covers all the angles. Each system is designed specifically for its location to ensure that hardware and containment specifications are suitable for their environment and any special requirements -whether it be MID approved meters or food-grade enclosures- are identified. If any part of the system is radio or 3G based, we make sure the signal strengths are adequate on the chosen network and aerial and repeater sites are correctly specified. This tried and tested approach eliminates commissioning and handover delays and delivers the best possible long-term reliability.

  • Specification


    Elcomponent does not offer a one-size-fits-all package. We work with the client to tailor the software, the networking and the data acquisition hardware to ensure that you get the features and the performance you need for the best possible price. Elcomponent will work with existing specifications or assist our clients to create a comprehensive specification that meets their exact requirements.

  • Installation


    All our systems are installed by our own fully qualified team in compliance with the relevant published standards, and to our clients’ additional requirements. We take care to ensure that we can complete the work on time and on budget with the minimum level of disruption to your business. A successful metering system can be determined by the quality and diligence of the installation team – Elcomponent is committed to providing the best specialised metering installation service.

  • Commissioning


    We test all our hardware at the time of install, and then we test it again on completion of the job. We test data transfer and the software interface as part of the commissioning process and then we run a ‘sanity check’ before final handover. Our turn-key approach means we usually have ownership of the whole system so we can test all aspects of it.

    It can’t be stressed enough that the success of a metering system will be determined by comprehensive commissioning procedures.

  • Training


    Setup and training is a two-way process, so we start by making sure the software configuration is optimised for the client’s goals and go from there. Our training packages are flexible and cost- effective and can be delivered one-on-one, or in seminar form as required. Whilst we prefer initial training to be face-to-face, a full webinar option is also available.

  • Support

    Support and Services

    We offer a wide range of ongoing support packages covering hardware maintenance, additional software support, and bespoke services such alarm setup and monitoring and report preparation and delivery.

    We work with our clients to design a service that meets the needs of individual customers. Whether managing the system and data quality, to running and fully operating a system on behalf of a customer, we will define an appropriate service. Tenant cost allocation services, site maintenance, and other bespoke services are also available.

    Our goal is for our clients to maximise the full value of their metering systems.