Introducing MW2

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Cloud-based M&T for a Changing World

MeterWeb 2 is a browser-based M&T software package that's there when you need it, and works the way you do. Its unique multi-level approach allows you to configure dashboard presentations for 'at a glance' display of key messages and performance data, but also provides a fully configurable and very comprehensive data analysis and reporting package.

It also allows you to create fully integrated hierarchies to match your meters and your organisation, as well as 'tag' your data points with additional information - load type, location, cost centre etc, as you need to.

ESOS Friendly

This provides a really flexible user-interface that allows you to drill down into your data exactly as you want and create custom graphs and reports to maximise energy and carbon efficiency within your business. MW2 links seamlessly to web-based weather services too, so degree day data are created automatically, so you can normalise your consumption against temperature with a single click. Occupancy and area data are equally easily assimilated so an ESOS Energy Intensity ratio is easy to calculate.

Data Integration

Even the best M&T software is only as good as its data sources, and MeterWeb 2 has some of the very best. Elcomponent has more than 20 years experience in submetering & AMR and we have the capability to install all types of multi-utility metering systems to integrate seamlessly with our web software. And it's not just seamless, it's fast. Our standard data upload interval is 30 minutes so MeterWeb2 is always up to date. No 'day plus one' here! MW2 also has interfaces for a wide range of third-party hardware, as well as fully configurable gateways for data transfer by ftp, web services and email. Wherever your data are coming from, we've got it covered.

See Customer Case Study

Elcomponent's MeterRing MM package helps HPH Commercial Property make significant energy savings in its buildings' carbon footprints, enabling them to pass financial saving on to tenants...

Software Solutions that work the way you do!

Getting the best from your sub-meters requires an effective and reliable data acquisition system and an accessible and focused software package. The right software is the difference between drowning in data and making serious savings - fast!

We've been at the forefront of low-cost M&T software development for over 25 years, and we understand that there is no 'one size fits all' solution! We offer a choice of site-based Windows software or a cloud-based package hosted by us and delivered over the web. Our site-based software

MeterWeb 2

Highly Flexible User Interface

Our cloud-based software, MeterWeb 2, is a hosted package which makes full use of the flexibility that a browser interface provides, including flexible dashboard configurations, instant cost and carbon analysis, a full reporting package, and unlike most web-based M&T it also provides a live data display via MeterRing RT.RT.

MeterRing MM

Our Site Based Solution

Well-proven across hundreds of installations, MeterRing MM utilises Elcomponent's wide range of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) hardware to provide reliable and cost-effective AMR functionality in virtually all environments. And as it's site-based, the software is a one-off purchase with no ongoing licence or access costs.

MeterRing RT

Realtime Energy Monitoring

MeterRing RT presents your organisation's energy and carbon performance, and renewables contribution in a high quality display designed to both captivate and inform. It's a fully integrated internet-based package that provides real time energy monitoring, takes care of reading the meters, configuring the data and...

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