MeterRing MM – Our site-based solution

Well-proven across hundreds of installations, MeterRing MM utilises Elcomponent’s wide range of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) hardware to provide reliable and cost-effective AMR functionality in virtually all environments. And as it’s site-based, the software is a one-off purchase with no ongoing licence or access costs. It handles all data collection and storage duties as well as providing very comprehensive M&T functionality delivered via a friendly and intuitive user-interface. It uses MS SQL as its primary database and is therefore instantly compatible with most IT environments. It also integrates with our web software – MeterWeb 2 – allowing you to run the two packages concurrently if you wish.

Data Integration

MeterRing MM gives you the choice when it comes to data collection. It interfaces seamlessly with all our AMR hardware, either directly or via our Meter Network Controller (MNC) to ensure that the system as a whole delivers the highest possible performance and reliability at the lowest possible cost. Because it’s site-based, the system operates in realtime so your latest data are always available without waiting for a daily update from a remote server.

Full M&T functionality

It offers a full suite of M&T functions including:

  • One-off purchase – no ongoing costs
  • Flexible graphic data browsing
  • On board tariff packge
  • Carbon calculation
  • Full alarm suite including profile alarms
  • SMS & e-mail messaging
  • Tenant billing option

MeterRing has won many plaudits for its exceptionally intuitive user interface, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a basic package:

Integration MeterRing is a complete product, but it’s easy to integrate with other software packages such as our MeterWeb 2.

You can directly import data files from our SPC Portable Data Loggers, effectively allowing you to add ‘temporary meters’ to your system and view all your data streams via the same desktop, and there is a comprehensive data export capability too.

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Elcomponent’s MeterRing MM package helps HPH Commercial Property make significant energy savings in its buildings’ carbon footprints, enabling them to pass financial saving on to tenants…


MeterWeb 2

Highly Flexible User Interface

Our cloud-based software, MeterWeb 2, is a hosted package which makes full use of the flexibility that a browser interface provides, including flexible dashboard configurations, instant cost and carbon analysis, a full reporting package, and unlike most web-based M&T it also provides a live data display via MeterRing RT.RT.


MeterRing RT

Realtime Energy Monitoring

MeterRing RT presents your organisation’s energy and carbon performance, and renewables contribution in a high quality display designed to both captivate and inform. It’s a fully integrated internet-based package that provides real time energy monitoring, takes care of reading the meters, configuring the data and…