MeterWeb 2 Dashboard

MeterWeb 2



MeterWeb 2 has been designed from the outset to provide the focused data browsing and reporting functions required by the professional Energy Manager, but also to be as accessible and available as possible for a wider audience. Because there are no user charges you can create as many user identities as you like, and with five programmable access levels you can be sure that every user will only see the information that is relevant to them.

You can have as many dashboard configurations as you wish too, and what's more the dashboard 'widgets' are fully portable so they can be displayed in other webpages on other websites. We can even provide a fully customised dashboard 'skin' so it matches your corporate page design!

The integration with Google Maps is, for want of a better description, 'seriously cool'. All your locations from a global level to an individual building are visible in the 'Map App'. Just use the standard Google Maps zoom function to get to the level you need and then create a league table for all the visible locations. You want normalised data? Floor area? Degree Days? That's just one more click. Export the league table? Another click...

Not just cool, very powerful and very useful too.

Our new 'Synoptic' page adds even more functionality to the dashboard experience, and makes it easy to link meters or meter groups to buildings, departments or locations by integrating live meter feeds into site plans, building diagrams or any other relevant image file.

With MeterWeb 2 it's easy to get everyone on board!
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