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Most M&T (monitoring & targeting) packages are limited to – well, monitoring and targeting, which is fair enough if that’s all you need, but M&V (Measurement & Verification) is not just the new kid on the block, it’s a necessary and logical next step for many users…

What is it exactly?

M&V differs from M&T in a number of ways – not least that it is a specified discipline with procedures laid down by standard (ISO50015 being the most relevant to European users) – but primarily because it quantifies the impact of energy efficiency projects and initiatives.To quote the above standard:

M&V adds value by increasing the credibility of energy performance and
energy performance improvement results”
Our version would perhaps be….
“M&V validates savings in a verifiable manner

It’s a potentially complex subject, and one that MW2 is able to deal with in all its complexities incidentally, but in essence it’s simple enough, and can also be implemented easily with the help of our software. The essence is to validate a project by comparing post-implementation energy usage with what could be expected if no action had been taken. In an ideal world that would entail nothing more than comparing this year’s consumption with last, but as the world is not ideal the job is never that easy. Even if we have data for the baseline year (which we may well not have in pure form) the chances of the comparison year being identical in terms of degree days, occupancy, production, operating hours and/or any other parameter affecting our energy use is slim to say the least.

Therein lies both the power and the potential complexity of M&V, but MW2 has it covered. Simpler baselines can be generated from within the product using historical data and easily available modification functions, and where more complex variables are required, generated externally using Excel’s data analysis add-in or a dedicated stats package such as Minitab or Stata. Either way, importing the desired baseline into MW2 is straightforward, and after that the analysis of the project and the regular reporting of same is fully automatic.

If you need M&V functionality from the off, MeterWeb 2 delivers a package that conforms to the requirements and recommendations of ISO 50015 and to the IPMV protocol on which much of the ISO standard is based, and it comes at no extra charge. For users less familiar with M&V – it’s there when you need it, along with a comprehensive help menu and technical support webinars to get you up and running with the minimum of delay

MeterWeb2 (MW2)

Our cloud-based package provides a user-friendly aM&T analytics platform that’s easy to use and learn, combined with all the tools needed for effective energy management.
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