We’ll have a link to a larger site with more meters available very soon, but for now the system is running in our test lab, so bear
with us!

To view the MeterRing RT demo to full advantage, please take a moment to review the instructions below. This will ensure that your browser is optimised for the RT display window


MeterRing RT has been optimised for large widescreen HD displays, so unless you have a very high definition PC monitor you will have to adjust the zoom in your browser to view the demo properly.

The demo has been optimised for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) but it is also compatible with IE8, and recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The zoom level you need will depend on the browser you are using, but if you don’t have a zoom control which is visible on the toolbar (or at the bottom right of the screen in IE9) you’ll find it in the tools menu.

Reduce the zoom from 100% until you can see the whole page without any scroll bars interfering with the view. Clicking F11 to toggle to a full screen is a good idea too.

The default display shows a 24 hour bar chart for today, broken down into 30 minute periods as the main presentation, as well as a realtime power gauge and performance indicator. You can select which chart you want as the main presentation with the buttons at the bottom left of the display.

The gauge updates every few seconds to reflect the load at the test site, but if you check in outside office hours there may not be a lot going on, so the dynamic elements of the display may not change very much.