MeterWeb 2

Renewables Integration

MeterWeb 2 is right there in terms of integrating with your renewables and on-site generation projects. The software automatically separates renewables metering from other supply or usage meters, and allows you to display output and cost equivalents via the dashboard. But there’s much more to it than that! As well as all the standard analysis and reporting tools you get as standard MW2 also includes a dedicated PV ‘App’ which measures PV output efficiency against solar radiation data from the web for the relevant location, thus allowing panel orientation to be optimised, and performance degradation over time to be accurately assessed. The App also calculates nett energy export where applicable, and presents the data in a single dual-axis chart.

MW’s sophisticated virtual channel capability also allows CoP values for heatpumps to be monitored and optimised, and normalised against degree day data. If you’ve invested in renewables, MeterWeb 2 will ensure you get the best possible return!

MeterWeb2 (MW2)

Our cloud-based package provides a user-friendly aM&T analytics platform that’s easy to use and learn, combined with all the tools needed for effective energy management.
Standard features include:

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