Portable Data Loggers for Energy Monitoring

  • SPC Pro and SPC Mini 'Electricity'
  • SPC Pulse 'Multi-Utility'
  • DTM "Web Enabled"

The SPC Data Loggers make it easy to measure your electricity, gas and other utility consumption. In fact you can measure your energy, your costs, your carbon footprint and more, and now you can download your surveys remotely as well as via a standard USB connection to your PC or laptop. We've designed the SPC data logger range to be as safe and as easy as possible to use, whilst retaining the levels of accuracy you need, and our acclaimed PowerPackPro software ensures that data analysis and reporting are just as simple - even for new users.

Measure Energy Safely

The SPC electrical energy data loggers are non-invasive, and may be used safely by non-technical personnel. There are no live connections to make!

Measure Energy Accurately

The SPC power data loggers are the result of over 25 years experience. They use state of- the-art digital design to combine excellent accuracy with reliability, rugged performance and great value.

Measure Energy Easily

All these instruments are designed to be simple and straightforward to use - even for novices. All units ship with our acclaimed PowerPackPro software package which combines a feature-rich specification with a user-friendly desktop that gets you up and running in no time at all!

Measure Energy Remotely

With the SPC DTM you can download the SPC data loggers from any PC with a web connection.