Portable Data Loggers - Measuring Energy Consumption

Elcomponent are the UK market leaders in portable data loggers for energy and carbon management, but we don't just sell and hire data loggers. We have over 25 years' experience of measuring energy consumption in the field, so we also offer an unrivalled level of support to our customers, large and small. We understand how important simplicity, reliability and ease of use are, and we make sure that all those qualities are built in to our energy monitoring devices from the design stage upwards.

Our SPC range is designed primarily for Energy Managers and the products don't require any specialist knowledge or technical qualifications to use. We've made them as safe and non-invasive as possible, but without compromising the accuracy that Elcomponent's reputation is built on.

Our Energy Analysers provide a more comprehensive measurement and logging capability including power quality and disturbance analysis for electrical engineers and specialist contractors. They retain our brand values of ease-of-use and outstanding value, but deliver more detailed energy measurement along with a higher level of programmability.