Data Acquisition for AMR Systems

The heart of your automatic sub-metering system is the data collection package. Even the best software (such as our MeterRing MM) is only as good as the data it gets to work with, and even smart metering systems are rendered dumb if they are not 'connected' to a user-friendly software interface. That's why we use the very best tried and tested technology and the highest quality components in our systems. At Elcomponent we use our own installation teams to ensure that we deliver the best possible performance and value to our customers. We also carry all the necessary approvals and certification for making data connections to tariff meters for electricity, gas and water, so you can be sure of a fully inclusive package.

We can deliver both wired and wireless automatic meter reading systems, but in most cases our installations use a combination of the two, as each system is tailored to its environment to provide the best combination of performance and value. Meter readings are collected in real-time either direct to a server, or to a LAN or internet connected Meter Network Controller (MNC)

Wired System Technology

Wired systems are normally based on the existing site LAN, which means a minimum of additional wiring has to be done, and therefore costs are lower. However - if the LAN cannot be used or does not exist, a fully wired alternative is always available. Meters and data loggers are connected to the LAN via fixed IP gateways which provide a reliable low-cost interface with a capacity of 100+ devices per gateway. Radio receivers can be incorporated into a wired system as required, providing additional flexibility.

Wireless System Technology

Elcomponent has a number of well-proven and very reliable radio-based solutions for AMR developed in partnership with RadioTech HWM. All are based on the powerful 153MHz VHF frequency, which is specifically licensed by OFCOM for AMR duties. This ensures zero interference from other 'licence exempt' radio equipment (an increasingly serious problem) and delivers sufficient power to obviate the need for costly repeater stations or 'mesh' solutions in most situations. Our MOD-R radio receivers connect directly to the LAN or to our own MODBUS network and offer total data security under all conditions. We also offer radios to extend the reach of our wired systems and GPRS-based solutions where no other connectivity is available.