AEM32 3Phase kWh Meter

The AEM32 is a high quality low-cost CT driven kWh meter designed specifically for sub-metering applications. Fitted with a pulse output it is ideal for interfacing with our pulse radio transmitters as well as all types of pulse logger or counter.

Standard types are suitable for use on all types of LV 3 Phase systems as well as single phase supplies. HV types available on request. Fully Programmable for 5A output CTs.

  • Low Cost
  • Large Clear Display
  • Pulse output as Standard
May be used on 3 phase 4wire or single phase applications and features large high contrast displays, fully programmable CT ratios.

Accuracy: Cl 1 IEC EN 61036
Safety: IEC 1010, 450V
CT Ratios: Ratios from 5:5 to: 25000:5
Dimensions mm: 105w x 90h x 60d
"Smart Meter" Suitable for: CRC / L2 Building Regs / Carbon Trust Standard / Enhanced Capital Allowance

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