Meter Network Controller

  • Fully MODBUS/TCP compatible
  • DHCP and Fixed IP options
  • Integral Webserver
  • Over 45 days storage for 75 meters
  • Data forwarding to:
    • Local folder
    • Windows share
    • FTP Site
  • CSV and XML output formats supported
  • SMS and e-mail alarm capability for
    • Non-responding meters
    • Lost power
    • Low memory
  • Standard SD card flash disk
  • Low power consumption
  • Browser interface
  • Simple setup

Elcomponent's Meter Network Controller (MNC) is designed to provide maximum flexibility and resilience for sub-metering systems.

Based on the powerful TS 7800 SBC (single board computer) running Linux 2.6 it handles both MODBUS and Ethernet Comms for up to 75 meters or data loggers.

Fully compatible with all Elcomponent meters, data loggers, radio receivers and Ethernet gateways, it is also easily programmed to interface with any third party MODBUS or TCP-IP device. This allows it to be readily integrated into both existing and new AMR sub-metering systems to provide a local meter reading and data storage capability, as well as additional resilience on server-based networks.

A highly intuitive software utility makes initial setup quick and easy - even on large systems - and the built in webserver provides a user friendly browser interface for maintenance and verification. The MNC even features an integral GSM modem for SMS alarm signalling if the standard network comms are lost or compromised, and the standard browser interface is not available.

For further information, click here to download the MNC Data Sheet.