Retail Sites

Retail sites have unique requirements for sub metering. Often multiple sites built to a similar design yet consuming vastly different amounts of energy.

This is very common and often difficult to identify and rectify. In smaller retail locations the cost of sub metering has been prohibitive; Elcomponent aims to change that with Smappee.

 Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from enhanced sub metering. Especially when a properties energy performance characteristics vary greatly from to similar sites or industry benchmarks. All too often there is avoidable energy usage, yet the cause and impact go unnoticed by occupants and building operators.

Industrial Sites

Understanding how industrial processes consume energy can provide valuable insight for energy, maintenance and production managers. Whether looking for direct energy saving opportunities or using energy consumption to track operating equipment, process failures, correct process operation more insights can be highly valuable.

Smappee allows industrial sites to monitor at a more granular level due to the low cost hardware and efficient installation procedure.  Elcomponent can provide more insight for less investment than ever before

 Low cost granular monitoring of sub loads / production lines

  • Local data via mobile app
  • Remote data via dashboard
  • Remote integration to other platforms via API

Elcomponent has over 30 years’ experience installing metering systems. For the first time there is a solution that minimises metering technology, minimises installation costs and maximises the available data and value from sub metering.

 Smappee reduces the cost of sub metering by 30-40%

  • Multi input kWh meter
  • 28 CT inputs
  • Single and three phase
  • Mobile App and Dashboard