Elcomponent's Energy Pro Data Logger Provides Accurate Energy Measurement for High-Efficiency Cooling.

The brief

ebm-papst are world leaders in supplying high-efficiency fans and motors to OEM markets in HVAC, IT, Industrial and Domestic markets. They are also involved in the upgrade market, assisting their customers to reduce energy usage costs and carbon emissions by changing existing AC fans to new more efficient EC technology.

Due to the large number of variables inherent in the re-design of fan cooling systems they do not rely solely on their own in-house performance data for calculating expected energy savings they carry out customer trials using a portable data logger to verify actual performance in the field.

The solution

The Chelmsford based company has opted for Elcomponent's Energy Pro Data logger as the reference instrument for all customer trials of their innovative 'EC Technology' fan products. EC (Electronic commutation) fans are high efficiency DC Motors but with direct connection AC mains supply.

They deliver energy savings of over 30% compared to traditional AC types in a typical data centre environment.

Savings are achieved through a combination of motor efficiency and improved impeller designs, all of which results in a fan that is cooler, quieter, and above all is energy efficient and costs a lot less to run.

ebm-papst UK Ltd are offering their customers a 'trial' installation so that energy savings can be proven before the project is rolled out to cover the entire cooling scheme, and Elcomponent's Energy Pro3 phase data logger is used for the energy measurement duties.

The Energy Pro is just part of Elcomponent's range of portable data loggers for electricity measurement, which includes the SPC Loggers - designed specifically for Energy Managers -as well as professional power quality analysers such as the PowerPro.

Clients Feedback

James Cooper, ebm-papstProduct Manager explains...

"We needed a rugged portable instrument that would measure all aspects of motor performance and cope with the special demands of non-sinusoidal waveforms in our EC fan motors. Elcomponent's Energy Pro ticks all the boxes - it's easy to use, and it's very close to the lab instruments on our airflow test rig in terms of accuracy. It allows us to demonstrate directly to our customers that the 30%+ energy savings we claim for the EC fans are real and guaranteed!"

Elcomponent MD Bill Gysin comments...

"We are always proud to be associated with energy saving technology that works, and ebm-papst have made a huge investment reducing their customers' costs and carbon emissions. However, accurate measurement is key to delivering that technology to the market."