• I need a portable data logger for measuring very different kinds of electrical loads. Can I use the same instrument for all?

    A. If you are measuring single & three-phase loads between 2 Amps and 2000 Amps the SPC Pro is all you need. It is fully auto-ranging and offers excellent accuracy over the stated range.

  • Is electricity measurement with your data loggers completely safe?

    A. We’ve made it as safe as possible, and certainly within the remit of non-qualified personnel in many situations. The SPC Pro does not require any voltage connections other than a single wall socket – even for three-phase supplies.

  • I’m having problems with a supply – can your data loggers pinpoint the issue?

    A. Most of Elcomponent’s data loggers are designed for energy and carbon management, but the EnergyPro and the PQ Pro both have the ability to measure harmonics. The PQ Pro is also an event logger, so it will capture ‘spikes’ of both voltage and current.

  • I want to log water and gas usage as well as electricity. How do I go about this?

    A. Electricity loggers have the big advantage that they can measure any location (within reason) i.e. at the incoming supply to a building, at department level, or even at an individual PC! Measuring fluids is not so straightforward. Elcomponent’s SPC Pulse logger is designed to log the pulse output of any utility meter – electricity, water, gas, heat or anything else, and its associated PowerPackPro software makes the conversion of volume to energy or cost very easy, but it needs a meter! Non-invasive direct measurement of water flow is possible via an ultrasonic logger such as those marketed by Micronics but at present it is not possible to measure gas without installing a meter or flow sensor into the gas pipe.

  • I need to measure multiple electrical loads at the same time. Is there a multi-channel energy logger available?

    A. Not as far as we know, but the SPC Pro is a low-cost item so even if you need several of them, costs are still reasonable.

  • I only need a logger for a short period. Are your loggers available for hire?

    A. The loggers can be hired directly for us, and as you might expect from a market leading range, all the specialist instrument hire companies offer Elcomponent instruments.