Metering Systems & Smart Meters

Elcomponent has more than 20 years experience in aM&T, AMR and sub-metering. Our end-to-end package covers everything from metering system design and build, through installation using our own engineers, to commissioning, handover and training. Hundreds of systems with many thousands of meters are in place across the UK helping our customers reduce their bills and their carbon footprints. With our latest web dashboards and real-time meter displays, our customers are showcasing their carbon policy and CRCachievements in a powerful and immediately recognisable way.

So how does it work?

The Process

We specialise in providing AMR systems covering both fiscal and sub meters at all kinds of sites, commercial or industrial, large or small. We know that no two systems are the same so we start by surveying your site or sites (free of charge) and working with you to create a cost effective proposal. If you have meters already in place, we work out how to read them automatically. If you need new meters for electricity, gas, water or anything else, we install them. We work out the best solution for the data acquisition element of the system. Our expertise encompasses LAN-based networking, VHF radio links, GPRS and MODBUS/TCP. The installation and commissioning of all aspects of the system is taken care of by our own installers and engineers so you get a fully functioning package ‘right first time’. Click here to fill in our enquiry form or give us a call on 01279 503173 to discuss your requirements with one of our sales team.


All our systems are multi-utility, covering all types of fiscal meters and sub meters, existing and new. All new electric power meters and smart meters are installed by us or by your designated contractor and we hold large stocks of our own kWh meters and multi-parameter electricity meters, as well as their associated current transformers. We also supply and install gas and water meters, as well as oil meters and specialised process meters such as steam and effluent. Click here for details on our meters and to buy online.

Data Acquisition and networking

At Elcomponent we ensure that our systems are tailored to the site and to the customer’s requirements – not the other way round. We can combine any or all of these networking technologies to ensure that the best solution is always delivered:
  • LAN based – uses your existing network
  • VHF radio – powerful ‘AMR specific’ radio transmitters with network enabled receivers offer wireless flexibility without the restrictions of generis low-power hardware
  • GPRS – utilises the mobile network for remote locations or wireless connection to the cloud
  • MODBUS/TCP Meters – better accuracy and more reliable than pulse outputs
  • Pulse Interfacing – because it’s the most common meter output
click here to download a PDF flow-chart that demonstrates the process for a typical Fixed Metering project.