MeterWeb 2 - Cloud-based M&T for a Changing World

MeterWeb 2 is a browser-based M&T software package that's there when you need it, and works the way you do. Its unique multi-level approach allows you to configure dashboard presentations for 'at a glance' display of key messages and performance data, but also provides a fully configurable and very comprehensive data analysis and reporting package.

It also allows you to create fully integrated hierarchies to match your meters and your organisation, as well as 'tag' your data points with additional information - load type, location, cost centre etc, as you need to.

ESOS Friendly!

This provides a really flexible user-interface that allows you to drill down into your data exactly as you want and create custom graphs and reports to maximise energy and carbon efficiency within your business. MW2 links seamlessly to web-based weather services too, so degree day data are created automatically, so you can normalise your consumption against temperature with a single click. Occupancy and area data are equally easily assimilated so an ESOS Energy Intensity ratio is easy to calculate.

Data Integration

MeterWeb 2 interfaces seamlessly with our MNC (Meter Network Controller) as well as our site-based MeterRing MM systems. Data upload is far more frequent than the traditional 'day +1' interval traditionally offered by web-based M&T, and update intervals as short as one hour are readily achieved. It also links to our MeterRing RT package to add dedicated live data screens to the standard dashboard.

MeterWeb 2 is also compatible with an ever-growing range of third-party data acquisition systems and GPRS meters so you can be sure of a high level of compatibility with all your data sources.

It's Your Data!

Most important of all, you always own all your data. Unlike some providers of SaaS M&T, we're clear about whose data we're collecting. It's yours, and always will be, and is available for your archives whenever you wish. In fact you can request a regular data dump if you wish, at no extra charge.

Full M&T functionality plus IPVMP!

It offers a full suite of M&T functions including:

  • Web-based - no local software
  • Universal access - no user limits!
  • Flexible hierarchies
  • User friendly dashboards
  • Automatic League Tables
  • Ultra-Flexible Graph Package
  • M&V Project Analysis to IPMVP
  • Vendor independent data interface

MeterWeb 2 has been built from the outset as web-based package using the latest design tools. That means it delivers a responsive desktop that makes the very best use of a browser environment without any of the drawbacks. First of all - it's fast! It uses sophisticated pre-aggregation algorithms to keep screen refresh times short, even with big systems with hundreds or even thousands of data points. And it's clever. Its unique ability to add 'tags' to each meter means you can drill down into the data you want without building complex hierarchies - although you can do that as well!

For advanced users there's the option for M&V project analysis to the IPMVP standard which allows users to track the effectiveness of ESOS and other energy reduction initiatives via an internationally recognised protocol, ensuring the best possible outcome from every penny of the project budget.