Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Concerns over the health and productivity impact of poor air quality has led to a growing demand for monitoring solutions.

As the body of respected scientific evidence showing that excessive COlevels harm our concentration and excessive particulates and VOCs shorten our lives continues to grow, so the need to monitor and maintain AQ grows with it.

Our solution makes maximum use of our 30 years in automatic metering to deliver a highly effective and cost-effective package either as a standalone system or integrated into one of our energy management platforms.

 Using RESET Grade B compliant sensors combined with user-friendly web-based dashboards we can design, install and support the analysis package you need.  Our sensor measurement capability includes:

  • Particulates (PM2.5 & PM10)
  • VOCs (TVOC)
  • CO2
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Formaldehyde

Interfacing with alternative sensors and different parameters is also possible.

All our AQ products are compatible with existing Elcomponent MeterRing systems and MeterWeb 2 Software. We can also integrate data to existing and 3rd party analysis platforms.

Typical Applications Include

  • “RESET” and “WELL Building” Standards projects
  • Semi portable devices for initial test and exploration
  • Standalone sensors for connection to data logger or BMS
  • Indoor air quality monitoring, data acquisition, design and install