CHEP searching for environmental sustainability

Elcomponent, the UK's provider of leading energy management solutions, supports CHEP in its search for environmental sustainability

The brief

CHEP, the global leader in pallet and container pooling services, has implemented an environmental sustainability programme to reduce the impact of its plant operations. CHEP is now using Elcomponent's SPC Pro portable three-phase energy data loggers to monitor the energy use of individual plant and processes across Europe.

CHEP selected SPCPro for this application because it is easy and safe to use, it requires no special knowledge of electrical systems to operate and because of its compact and lightweight, yet robust, construction.

The SPCPro energy data loggers are playing a key role in CHEP's 'Measure to Manage' programme, which the company has implemented to provide accurate and detailed information about the energy consumed by machines and equipment in its service centres in the UK, Ireland, Benelux and Spain.

The information produced by the data loggers is carefully analysed, using the 'PowerPackPro' software package supplied as part of the SPCPro kit, to reveal areas of high consumption and to identify opportunities for improving energy management so as to reduce both the company's expenditure on energy and its carbon footprint.

Portable Data Loggers were the obvious choice for energy management

Since CHEP has so many sites and so much equipment, portable instruments were the logical (and very cost-effective) choice for this application. Many portable three-phase energy data loggers, however, require specialist knowledge to use safely since they require voltage connections to be made to all three phases, usually with some form of temporary connector such as a crocodile clip. While this is no problem for a properly trained technician, it is certainly not a task that should be attempted by anyone who does not have the appropriate skills.

By contrast, the SPCPro requires only one voltage input and this is easily and safely obtained by plugging the instrument in to the nearest wall socket - a job which anyone can do safely. The instrument's current transformers are fully insulated flexible loop types and are, therefore, equally safe and easy to use.

Elcomponent's innovative and highly acclaimed 'PowerPackPro' software which is used to analyse the data from the instrument ensures that despite the use of only one voltage input, accurate and dependable information about real energy use is obtained. These factors, along with the very competitive price of the SPC Pro, were decisive for CHEP in its choice of instruments as part of an effective environmental sustainability programme.