Providing a comprehensive energy analysis solution for Buro Happold

Elcomponent The UK's Leading MeterRing System Providers Install their 500th Automatic Energy Monitoring and Targeting System

The brief

Elcomponent have been a major force in the supply and installation of Automatic Sub-MeterRing Systems for many years, and have just installed their 500th automatic energy monitoring and targeting system. The milestone was reached with a multi-utility package provided for the West End offices of leading consulting engineers Buro Happold.

Providing a comprehensive energy analysis solution..

Elcomponent has designed and installed both hardware and software to allow a floor by floor breakdown of all major energy loads including heating, lighting, and A/C plant. Buro Happold are at the leading edge of sustainable design for the built environment, and naturally their own energy monitoring and carbon efficiency is a top priority.

Elcomponent have a great deal of experience in providing retrofit energy monitoring solutions for submetering, but according to their lead installer Rai Gaidys, the job was a challenging one...

"The client's specification was clear, but implementing it meant we had to bring a large number of small loads together to provide the required data. Fortunately our latest meter designs provide so much additional flexibility we could deliver the system 'as required' within budget and with no supply interruptions".

This new energy meter technology employs much smaller and lighter current transformers which are not only easier to fit into tight spaces, they also use much lighter gauge cables, and can be connected in multiple without any additional bulky 'summation' hardware - just one of the reasons why Elcomponent continue to offer the best performance and best value in automatic sub-metering systems for energy analysis.

Although the 500th installation was in a commercial building, the company has recently signed off automatic energy monitoring systems in the Higher Education sector at Kingston University London, the manufacturing sector at Ball Aerocan in Devizes, and for the NHS at the Hywel Dda Hospital in South Wales.