Maximising the Value of Energy Data

Getting the best from your sub-meters requires an effective and reliable data acquisition system and an accessible and focused software package. The right software is the difference between drowning in data and making serious savings – fast!
We’ve been at the forefront of low-cost M&T (aM&T) software development for over 30 years, and we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution! We offer a number of solutions depending on the customer requirements.

 Data Only – Data Collection and Acquisition

The most basic solution we provide is a fully comprehensive data logging and remote data collection capability. We utilise the same data collection software for our MW2 and RT solutions but our Data Only solution is ideal for service providers or customers who have an existing or preferred data analytic package. Whether a energy monitoring system, FM management or Business intelligence tool such as Qlik, Tableau or Power BI we can provide reliable metering solutions and data to you chosen platform.


 MeterWeb2 (MW2)

Our cloud-based package provides a user-friendly aM&T analytics platform that’s easy to use and learn, combined with all the tools needed for effective energy management.
Standard features include:



Metering RT (RealTime)

MeterRing RT presents your organisation’s energy and carbon performance, and renewables contribution in a high-quality display designed to both captivate and inform. It’s a fully integrated Internet-based package that provides real time energy monitoring, takes care of reading the meters, configuring the data and presenting it via hi-resolution graphics.

  • Animated Realtime Presentation
  • Fully Inclusive Package
  • Renewables’ Displays for Wind and PV
  • Individual and ‘League Table’ Displays
  • Half-Hour, Day and Week Charts
  • Browser-based for Total Availability