MeterWeb 2

Build your own report templates (and deliver them automatically)

MeterWeb 2 delivers a wide choice of pre-configured report templates, but as everyone knows, that’s not enough! Custom reports are always needed, and MW2’s simple ‘building block’ approach simplifies this often highly complex (and often costly) area. In addition to the standard report templates, you can create as many additional report formats as you need. The unique ‘report builder’ allows you to populate a report with any chart or table from the Analysis functions, and add titles and text as required. Once created, all reports are saved against your account and created and distributed automatically against your programmed schedule, so you only have to do the job once! Report distribution is by email, but all reports remain on our servers to be viewed or downloaded at any point in the future.

MeterWeb2 (MW2)

Our cloud-based package provides a user-friendly aM&T analytics platform that’s easy to use and learn, combined with all the tools needed for effective energy management. Standard features include:  

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